Monday, 13 May 2013

Scammer and Spammers YOU CAN FUCK OFF!

This is the latist one to come though my inbox

I mean seriously do you fuckwits think i was born yesterday. i can see a scam a mile away. So to all you Spammers and scammers let me tell you now.

If i am ill i wll go and see my doc. i dont want your fake pills that could make me worse or kill me.
If i want money i will go out and fucking earn it
If i want to have some "stewie time" oh its an 18+ blog i will say it if i want to have a wank I will search for porn. fucked if im paying for it or giving your my credit card details so you could blackmail me with it. besides how do you know im into that stuff? i might not be (cue the jokes!)

So to all you scammers spammers and well cunts of the internet. just fuck off cos I report every bit of spam to spamcop dont waste your time and dont waste my fucking time.

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