Thursday, 9 May 2013

I do need to rant. it keeps me sane.

Why did i make this blog. so i can rant its not gonna be frequent this blog is when i need to get things off my chest and into the open.

Social networks are fucking rubbish when it comes to that. why? well because twitter you can only do 140 letters so you can only short rant.. anyone who has seen my twitter will know this one i do go off on one. but facebook is worse because its full of deluded "happy go happy" cunts who tell me to "chill out" or some bollocks like that. mainly cos their reality differs from mine. again anyone who knows me and i mean KNOWS ME not just acquainted with me. knows that I have had a hard time with depression for a few years now. and the reality of someone who is depressed is not the same as the reality of someone who isnt and the person who isnt just simply refuses to see that reality. sometimes its the other way around however those on this side of the fence knows that life is shit, life sucks the only way is to do or die.

I have a long list of things that do piss me off no end. The General Public is the top of my list because of the collective stupidly of them it feels like Darwins theory on evolution doesnt apply to them cos they seem to still have the right to breed. Anyone who has worked in retail will understand where i am coming from on this one. esp i used to work for a certain Jewish company who's one flagship product contained pork, sells products from a rumoured anti-Semite forces their staff to work Saturdays. and cant accept TWIGGY SHOULD FUCKING RETIRE!!

Another think that pisses me off are cyclists who flout the rules and worse fuck all is being done. even wrote a letter to my MP and it seems fuck all will be done.  so there will be alot of rants about that.

Right any questions? no good if i have a new rant i will link it on twitter.  as i said it prob be days or weeks when i update this shit. depends on how i feel

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