Friday, 10 May 2013

Annoying things the Public do on busses

..Well apart from the obvious of playing their music on their phones.. HEY ITS CALL HEADPHONES FUCKING USE EM!! now due to lovely PC rules that the liberal fuckwits have passed... I cannot  mention what group of people it normally is (or pretend to be)

But this is a list of things that really get under my skin when it comes to people travelling on a bus.

  •  I put my arm out to hail a bus and then someone else does it
    Yeah look the driver is fucking blind, if s/he was then s/he wouldnt be driving a bus even by our stupid equality laws that wouldnt happen. i normally wear a jacket that has reflective lettering on so even in poor lighting they will still see me. it doesn’t need two of us waving at him/her
  • Limited number of seats and someone doesnt move their bag or out of the way.
    Show some fucking consternation on this one. im not being sexist but it seems that women are really bad for doing this one. unless you brought 2 tickets then dont occupy 2 seats when its busy. its easy to be in your own little world but if you see the bus stop and the queue is long be prepared to give up your seat. not just for me but for anyone who wants to sit down.
  • Pushing the bus stop button twice (or more)
    This really fucks me off one of the "bus stop button" annoyance I have ok if you did it a spit second after i did it due to slow reflex thats understandable but not after 2 seconds. in case your mutton there is a big red sign that lights up "STOPPING" so you know someone has pressed it, and if the driver has a short memory it will show on the dashboard.  
  • Pushing the bus stop button when its the (obvious) last stop on the route..
    I mean why what’s the fucking point of doing that. the bus has to stop anyway so why press the fucking button. this is a example of stupidity in the general public. it really pisses me off is when someone presses it when your going into a bus station THE DRIVER IS GONNA STOP ANYWAY!!! what worse if 2 people do it. the only real exception to that is if the last stop on the line is not that obvious but that is rare case. if you see me on the bus and I mouth "twat" when someone does it.. that is the reason why
  • Bringing large baggage / items on a rush hour bus
    This IMHO is the hight of stupidity why do you have to be on a bus during rush hour when there is barley room to swing a cat, lucky to find a seat and one passenger short of "Sorry Bus Full"  with a big fuck off suitcase. use your common sense on this one WAIT!! go to the pub get a taxi. because people who do this annoying act are just retards of the highest order. not only is there no room to get it on the bus. but they are a nightmare going past bumping into people when they get off the bus.

This is not a bullet point one but.. Parents if you have kids. tell them to STFU when they are on the bus esp around 5pm cos no one needs screaming kids on the way home from work!

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