Monday, 22 July 2013

My Letter to Godaddy via the BBB over the Scam website

What you going to see is typical of GoDaddys "Copy&Paste" response to complaints and how i broke it down to show how much bullshit they talk.

Better Business Bureau:
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 9615107, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
This is a typical "copy and paste" response from GoDaddy in and what half my complaint is about. again they dont address me by Name but use the generic " Dispute Resolution Consultant," not "Dear Mr Fisher." Again I want to stress this is typical of GoDaddy in handling complaints they skim though find key words and it seems that they "copy and paste" from a list of resonances rather then taking the time to write a proper reply

Furthermore lets break down the reply which took them over a week to reply too. IMHO not showing that they care about the
service they provide.
"To begin with, the accusations of spam and abuse should first be addressed with the Registrants of the domain names in question.  The companies or individuals to whom the domain names are registered are directly responsible for their domain’s use or misuse.  The complainant can use any public WHOIS database, such as, to locate the contact information for these complaints."

For which i did. (see attached) but the reply i got from the GoDaddy Abuse Team was.
"After further review we have determined we are not the hosting provider for this
site. We have neither access to, nor jurisdiction over the content on this site.
To determine who the web hosting provider is, you can use a publicly-available
tool like This tool will give you
the resolving IP address which can then be compared to's
( IP allocation database. This will give you the relevant
information for the true hosting provider."
This is a lie because the whois said that “” “” “” are registered with Godaddy and their Sister company “Wild West Domains” even the NSLOOKUP on the latter 2 shown an IP Address that linked to GoDaddy.

How GoDaddy handles accusations of scam sites, etc.:
While’s hosting and domain registration agreements do not allow such conduct, GoDaddy does not suspend domains or hosting accounts based on statements that “website […] can be possibly be used to obtain money by deception.” Our Abuse teams are happy to investigate and will take action under certain circumstances. However, if the complainant has evidence of illegal activity, they should report it to the appropriate law enforcement agency for their investigation and action. routinely works with law enforcement and the court system and takes action against sites when properly directed to do so.”

How GoDaddy's Abuse Team really handle complaints is, ether try to Ignore hoping that the complainer will just “forget about it” or do a typical “Copy and Paste” email calming they dont “Own the domain name” with impersonal email responses as you can see from the above evidence.

Because suspending hosting accounts, domain names, etc. can be harmful to legitimate businesses, we will not take action based on accusations as we receive many such accusations from competing businesses, disgruntled employees, unhappy customers, and so forth. For almost all cases, there are better methods to resolve the complaints with a company other than having their website taken offline. Indeed, the Better Business Bureau is one such avenue; however, in these cases, the complaints should be directed against the offending company, not the service provider that gives service (e.g. domain registration, hosting, electricity, phone services, etc.) to the offending company.”

Thats the thing I have given then proof that they are NOT a legitimate company (see attached screenshot) if you put in “” into twitter it will block it outright, the blogging site Tumblr has blocked spam blogs relating to this site and blacklisted the cover url “” why would a legit company need to cover themselves like this, also why would a WHOIS be registered first in eastern Europe then change their details to say they are in Hong Kong and the only phone number on their site is a New York one, with no other contact details not even a mailing address. Does that sound like a legitimate company to you because it doesn’t to me.

Finally, a Registrar and hosting company is different from a social media outlet. To say that GoDaddy should suspend a domain name because Tumblr, Twitter, or other service provider has purportedly blocked them from using their service is unreasonable.”

True However, Social Media is a branch of commutation like email which is a victim of spam. It is the Register / Hosting company's responsibility to make sure that what they are providing is not being use for Spam or anything that is illegal, Furthermore Buying/Selling Twitter Followers is against Twitter terms of service, so therefore to set up a website or company to make money by this means is not only unethical it is fraud.

In light of the above, GoDaddy appreciates and agrees with the complainant’s desire to rid the Internet of spam, fraud, and other such unlawful practices. However, it appears that the complainant simply does not agree with our cautious approach.”

No I just dont agree with your Lazy and unprofessional attitude. The fact you are dragging your heals over the situation and worry it will harm future sales if you get rid of this website because in the past you have deleted websites that have not been spam and other people have been complaining about it.

We ask that the complainant report any spam or other abuse regarding domains registered and/or hosted with and via the link provides above. If the complainant has evidence of illegal activity such as fraud, then they should report it to law enforcement or seek legal guidance on how to proceed. If the complainant would like to discuss this matter with our office, we are typically available Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. MST (AZ) at +1 (480) 505-8828. If they would like a call during non-business hours, we are happy to oblige them. They may email to schedule.”

If you notice I am *NON-US* (hint: it says United Kingdom in the address) so phoning you would be a major expense and the time difference would mean my office hours would differ. We do have an “Action Fraud” team in the UK as well as Trading Standards which is similar to the BBB however, as the Domain(s) in question are registered with a US Company it would be difficult to complain to those bodies as I am sure it would be out of their jurisdiction. Hence why I have complained about the website itself to the BBB's scam website dept as well as here.

I feel this has not been resolved and GoDaddy are trying to fob me off or just dragging their heals and think I will just give up, its not going to be the case.

Stewart Fisher

This is why spam is such a problem because idiot website providers like them do fuck all to help. so if you get any twitter spam from write to GoDaddy if they get enough complaints they might get off their lazy arsholes about it.

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