Monday, 17 June 2013

An Open letter to Gocrappy.. err i mean GoDaddy

Dear GoDaddy

why are you so fucking useless with removing spam websites that are registered to you, why do you let spam/scam websites run for years despite evidence they are being used for fraud?

i have reported many websites that are registered under you (via WHOIS) yet you seem to fob me off with bullshit like "it doesn't belong to us" if that is the case why does the WHOIS report say it is. if that is forged shouldn't it be your duty to find out who it really belongs to and help close it down.

Lately i have been getting spam on Twitter and it is sneaky spam that leads to a fraud website which i have warned other people about in a past post i have reported the rouge users to Twitter and even them (slowly) suspend the users but that is not the root of the problem. the website that is registered with you GODADDY is. you have a spam policy on your website which IMHO is the biggist pile of crap between the protect and survive leaflet and the pages in the highway code that relate to cyclists.

Now you have a chance to prove me wrong and actually show you can be a responsible web provider, or you can be the bunch of lazy arseholes who dont give a flying fuck as long as you got your money and CLOSE THESE SITES DOWN including and dont give me bullshit about "oh report it to our abuse team" because that's just a fob off what is stopping your guy who in-between playing with himself bothers to reply to the twitter posts to actually forward the abuse complaints on?

you want your evidence well come on why do these sites need to mask their urls or the way they promote their sites if they are not geninue sites. my website is genuine and i have no problem posting it on twitter without the need to hide behind blogs tiny urls and multipliable forwarding domains in a shitty way to cover my tracks. if you have the means to track the incoming traffic to the site you will see it doesnt come from direct links it comes from a load of web forwarding.

I will not rest until you get your act together and I will let people know on the net what a irresponsible company you really are. and one day it will come back to bite you on your arse because it will come a point that no one genuine will ever want to do business with a company that is not to be seen to tackle the scourge of the internet which is spammers and scammers 

in closing i will say. "GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!"

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