Monday, 29 July 2013

Feminism? Now just a word for Sexism against men

Before i start, if your going to be one of these who are offended by free speech or think everything a man says is sexist. bugger off now because this article is about you not for you.

One thing i do respect is equal rights. and i mean rights that are equal but lately the balance of power is tilting over to the other side. worst thing is then the balance is tilted in this direction its harder for it to swing back because of fear. well fuck fear. im going to say what is on my mind in this post.

It is no secret that in history that women have been oppressed. in what has been a Male dominated society. and a group of ladies fought hard even risked going to prison for to change that women could have equal pay could have the basic democratic right to vote and other rights that us men take for granted, and well again I respect the fact that fought for their basic rights. and regarded as equals.

However what i do not respect is the new wave of Feminists who are trying (and unfortunately winning) to shift the balance of power toward them. the normal typical bunch are ugly hippy types who prob have less chance of getting laid then I do. who are squabbling over stupid shit like "Lads Mags" and who is on a back of a tenner. lets have a look at it from a man's point of view here.

They are trying to ban so called "Lads Mags" from being displayed on shop shaved because they think it is sexist. that they objectify women. well ok lets have a look a cover of one.

chanelle nuts magazine

Well ok she is posing in a sexual way but how is that any different from when men do it on Women’s Magazines. on the Lateist Chocolate advert with the male strippers or the "Iconic" diet coke advert.

This one of david Beckham for example he is wearing less then Chanelle is on the cover mag yet that is alowed to be on posters in the street and in Magazines. isnt that sexist towards men?

The Latest bullshit that feminists have pulled that there is "not enough women on banknotes"  that is a definite WTF moment. i mean is it the end of the world that the £10 £20 and £50 have people from history that just happen to be male. The £5 has a woman on it. in fact EVERY bank note has a woman on it. and just in case Caroline Criado-Perez is blind here is a picture of it now with a nice red arrow just in case she missed it.

Why are these stupid woman fighting over crap like this when there is worst oppression out there in the world. and all they are worried about is Lads Mags and who is on a back of a Tenner, if the women on this mags and Page 3 of The Sun (and Daily Star) where forced to posed and not of their free will and consent then  that would be a different matter altogether. but that’s the point the women who pose on front of magazines and in the Sun do so of their own free will. exercising THEIR rights as women to pose. For fuck sake you even seen women on a friday night they wear next to nothing (even in winter if in Reading) why are you not trying to cover them up? or when women where bikinis on the beach is that being oppressive to women? Or is it the case in some countries Women are being stoned for not covering up, are being raped by their husbands and Women are still being put in prison because THEY was raped!! The women’s right movement should focus their energy on helping those poor women in need who have less rights then we did in the 19th and early 20th Century . NOT moaning about who is on our money, NOT moaning about some beautiful young girl posing on magazines.

Then again most of them have their head up their arse and are blind to this. and some are trying to get (media) attention. they dont really care about women having equal rights they just have delusions of power.

But lets see how far women have got in the last 100yrs.
+ They are allowed to vote
+ They have a right to equal pay
+ We have had women in power granted the 2 examples i can think of fucked the Railway System in the UK
+ They have the right to equal employment
+ They are allowed to attend university. was a time that in Cambridge, women where not allowed to obtain a degree.

But on the flip coin lets see how men are fucked over
- Have to work 5yrs more then women until retirement
- Have less rights to see their own kids
- If they do things that are regarded as "womens work" they are branded sissies
- Same with clothing if i woman wears a pair of jeans its fine, if a man wears a dress he is branded a crossdresser or a trannie.
- Pretty much anything that is seemed "girlie" men get ripped on for doing yet women dont when they are doing "male orientated stuff"

The balance needs to be restored so it is equal not one side having the power male or female.  to be honest its not just sexism. the White Straight Male is prob the most discriminated by stealth group in the United Kingdom 

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